My name is Dmitry and I am currently a software engineer at Google. I am interested in broad variety of programming and computer science related problems, including Web-development, API and backend design, databases.

The programming language I know the best is Python. I appreciate its elegancy and how easy it is to build programs using Python. However, I realise that Python is relatively slow and though it is amazong tool for rapid prototyping, languages like C++ are better for applications where perfomance is crucial. That is why I also program in both C (which I used for interactions with low-level Linux API, networking, etc) and C++ (which I used mainly on programming contests). I also know some Bash and JavaScript (though I am not very comfortables with frameworks like JQuery). I am very comfortable with Linux and frequently use it for programming purposes.

Back in a high school I participated in multiple programming contests and learnt different algorithms. Though I think programming little projects is much more fun than contests, I believe that taught me some valuable lessons about estimating efficiency of my solutions and solving relatively complicated problems in a limited time

I have a Bacherlot's degree in Computer Science from University of California, Irvine, which I am very proud to have finished in three years

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